Our Story

Sheckler Excavating Inc.

Sheckler Excavting Inc. was established by William (Bill) Sheckler in 1978 after graduating from High School. Bill started out initially doing projects for local farmers and residential work in the nearby towns. 

Starting in the late 80’s Sheckler Excavating began working on larger projects that encompassed utility work, concrete an material handling for housing developments, schools, sports complex’s, golf courses, along with the construction of damns and lakes.

 In 2011 Sheckler’s Excavating, inc. transitioned into the energy sector, where they have focused on well pad construction, roads, compressor pads, bridges, concrete work, flowlines , and completing the infrastructure on live high pressure wells. 

In 2017 Sheckler Excavating branched out into General Contracting, as a way to provide customers with quality project management from start to finish.  As a General contractor Sheckler's has already completed work on a Ford dealership and is currently managing the expansion of Atwood's campground area 1.

Sheckler’s Excavating, Inc. has earned the reputation of being able to complete pristine work in high pressure situations with tight deadlines, while maintaining high safety standards.  Sheckler’s has performed work for: Bechtal , Chesapeake Energy , Gulfport Energy, Williams, XTO Energy,  Rex Energy, Barnhart Crane, and Ascent Resources. Sheckler’s Excavating, inc. currently operates in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.